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March 2017
Turning over a new leaf

Spring - longer days, more light and emerging colour brings a sense of renewal, coming out of hibernation. We often feel motivated to 'spring clean' or clear the garden but what about how we feel?

Our emotional wellbeing is vital - it affects how we think, feel and react to events. How well do you look after you?

Even with exciting events on our calendar, we will struggle to enjoy them if our mood is constantly low.

Anxiety can impact all aspects of daily life. High levels of stress or low self-esteem can prevent us from saying 'yes' or making choices.

We often try to ignore these difficulties and feel reluctant to burden others with our worries.

Perhaps it's time to think about you?

Sometimes we get confused by our behaviour or frustrated by our negative thinking. Why do I keep doing this....?

Counselling can help you to understand yourself and give you the tools to change, in a warm and safe space. It can free you from the fear and worry that keeps you stuck in old habits and allow you to live life more fully.

For a free initial telephone appointment call Mandy Lucas on 07434 433194 or contact Craven Clinic.

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