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February 2016
Get Your Energy Back and Your Life on Track

We can all get caught up in life’s fast lane, continually on the go. When we stop it’s often to partake in stimulants such as coffee, tea, wine and chocolate which give us a short tem energy boost. How often do you say ‘I have no energy’ or ‘I am really tired’ ‘I am running on empty”.

The Craven Clinic welcomes Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach, Angie Bagnall, to the team. E4L is all about health and conscious living. It aims to raise energy, restore vitality and create optimum wellbeing, helping people to get their energy back.
Based on yoga philosophy and working directly with your chakra system, it assists you to rapidly release old beliefs and life scripts, so you can change outdated habits with ease.

Aspire Magazine February 2016

February 2016
Seated Acupressure Massage

On Site Massage - OSM

OSM is a twenty minute treatment given through the clothes, usually at the workplace to a client who is seated. It was introduced in the USA at Apple and was later bought to the UK and a folding, ergonomic, portable chair was specially designed for optimum comfort.

Based on a traditional form of Japanese massage, the sequence works to improve the flow of energy throughout the body and acts on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Over 60 acupressure points are included, as well as specific trigger points. It is a revitalising treatment which aims to promote a sense of wellbeing, relax tense muscles and increase blood circulation.

My treatment was carried out by Elizabeth Crosland who asked me about my health and well-being before starting the treatment.
The chair, though unusual, was incredibly comfortable and my body felt totally supported. The client sits facing the back of the chair with the knees and the head on comfortable rests.

The massage varied in pressure and tempo and was absolutely blissful. Liz eased my tense shoulders and massaged the ache away from my lower back- complaints typical of those who work at a desk. I honestly felt so comfortable that I could have stayed all afternoon. Liz was friendly, warm and professional and I felt completely at ease and in fact we chatted for quite a while after my treatment had finished.

It was relaxing and soothing yet invigorating and I returned home to work feeling revitalised, energised and a lot more relaxed.
It is done without oils or lotions and through the clothes so it is absolutely ideal to be taken to the workplace as well as hospitals, schools, exhibitions, public events, sport events, charity events.

If you are looking for a quick, beneficial boost which soothes, uplifts and increases productivity, I cannot think of a better option than this.
Feature by Elizabeth Yeowart for
Aspire Magazine February 2016

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