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March 2016
A Treat for the Senses

Indian Head Massage is an Ayurveda treatment practiced for over 5,000 years by Indian women. An ancient natural therapy, it takes into account the mind, body and spirit. It is invigorating and uplifting and can improve circulation and therefore help the body efficiently remove impurities and toxins, while increasing energy levels.

Deeply relaxing, it reduces stress and tension and is particularly helpful for headaches, shoulder and neck pain and people who grind their jaws. It is mood enhancing in some, giving clarity of thought, positivity and motivation.
An individual hand blended mix of oils (lemongrass, bergamot and benzoin) enhance the benefits of the treatment.

This was the first time I had experienced Indian Head Massage. I undressed and lay covered with warm blankets on a heated bed, face down to start. Therapist Nikki Cookson massaged my back and shoulders with firm movements which immediately eased the tension in my shoulder area.
It continued when I turned onto my back so Nikki could work on my neck, face, chest and head. The oils smelled divine and by the end of the forty five minutes, I was as relaxed as I was invigorated having enjoyed every blissful moment.
A treat for both the spirit and the senses.

Feature by Elizabeth Yeowart for
Aspire Magazine March 2016

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