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January 2016
Achieve your New Year resolutions with Coaching

Coaching works by taking a positive approach to problem-solving. In this way negative, self-limiting beliefs are turned into positive action and results.
Coaching can have a positive effect on increasing confidence, having your ideal career, balancing your life and work, making confident decisions and moving forward, making positive relationships at work and home and eliminating stress. Karen Amos, Coaching Therapist, has joined the Craven Clinic team. She specialises in providing professional, practical coaching and development. Her approach is ‘Result-Driven’ – which means the whole focus is on delivering the positive changes you choose.

“I work with you on a confidential, one to one basis to support you to define your goals, set actions and overcome any blocks to your success. I coach on many issues, both personal and work-related and specialise in career and professional coaching.”
Aspire Magazine January 2016

January 2016
Positive Change with Hypnotherapy

The Christmas decorations are down and put away; the kids are back at school and normality begins to return. A New Year - and possibly a new start?

At this time of year, it is common for people to set goals for the months to come and to think about making those changes they really want to make.

Hypnotherapy is all about change, whether that is stubbing out that last cigarette, losing weight for the summer or overcoming those fears or anxieties that might be holding you back. It can help to overcome thoughts and behaviours that lead to those unwanted habits or stop us getting the most out of life. It can also help to develop positive behaviours, such as increased confidence, self-worth and assertiveness.

The key word here is ‘help’: Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand or quick fix therapy, although some people do experience a remarkably fast resolution. It is above all an incredibly relaxing experience!

John Taylor is a hypnotherapist and counsellor based at Craven Clinic in Skipton, specialising in treating anxiety and related conditions. He will be hosting a series of free talks at the clinic throughout January.
Aspire Magazine January 2016

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