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August 2016
Use your head

Ever heard of BWRT®?
No, me neither! Allow me to explain;

BWRT® stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy®, a model of psychology and psychotherapy, which is a unique way of resolving conditions such as anxiety (including Generalised Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.), depression, emotional problems, habits, phobias and fears, letting go of past issues, relationships, low self esteem or confidence, nerves (such as exams, presentations and driving tests), blushing... and much more.

I think we can all admit to suffering from some of these!

Imagine your personal problems, fears and anxieties, even severe difficulties that have lasted for years...just melted away. Change can be instant and might only take one or two sessions.

I chatted to Certified Practitioner John Taylor, who explained: "In a session, the client is guided to use their own thoughts - without the therapist even needing to know what those thoughts are, to create a totally natural change that comes from within. All the work is done in a completely 'awake state' and doesn't use hypnosis, just logical, practical and down-to-earth techniques, based on our latest understanding of how the human brain works. In BWRT® all the therapist needs to know is what the client wants to be able to do, or to be able to stop doing."

More information at

Clinics held in Skipton at The Craven Clinic (John will be offering free consultations for BWRT®).

Feature by Jane Capstick for
Aspire Magazine August 2016

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