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October 2016
Protect your little Cops and Robbers

As Summer ends and the Autumnal season brings changes to the weather, we often pick up colds and flu viruses. Essential oils can help you and your family protect yourselves against many viruses, fungi and bacteria.

With proven anti-bacterial properties, many oils can reduce the number of bacteria in your home and inhibit further bacterial growth.

Some oils also contain anti-viral and anti-septic properties to protect you further, stimulating your immune system. Using a blended mix of oils, a synergy, always gives you better protection.

I have recently come across a mix of oils which has been dubbed 'thieves' or 'robbers' oil. Reputed to have protected thieves from the Bubonic plague whilst they robbed the infected bodies and houses of the victims, the thieves never became ill, but when they were apprehended they had to tell their secret to reduce their sentence in Court!

Truth or Fiction - who knows, but it's an intriguing story.

And the recipe...Well, we have to keep it a secret! However, the oil is available to buy for £5 at Craven Clinic. We will advise you how to use directly on the skin, diffuse, mix with water to create a chemical free room spray or add to your washing.

Aspire Magazine October 2016

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