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May 2016
Was it something I ate?

Allergies and intolerances are often disorders of the immune system. When the body comes into contact with a substance it cannot tolerate, it can cause an exaggerated response. Whether you suffer from headaches, fatigue, sinus congestion, IBS, weight problems, eczema or anxiety, the Craven Clinic offers allergy testing, and aims to treat the underlying causes, as opposed to merely treating the symptoms.

Fascinated by my own gut health, I chatted to Anne Wilson to find out more...

The non-invasive, painless procedure involved using acupressure on my fingertip, while testing my body's resistance to over 100 food and drink samples, as well as E numbers and preservatives. Anne also tested me to see if I was deficient in any minerals and vitamins to check that my overall gut 'flora' (friendly bacteria) was functioning. The results were instant!
I had an intolerance to many things, including wheat, lactose, pineapple, chocolate (OMG) and gin (even worse!) as well as being deficient in B vitamins. Temporarily cutting these foods from my diet for a 10 week period, is no struggle as food alternatives were suggested, allowing me to slowly reintroduce them back eventually.

This type of testing is available for children and adults of all ages.

by Jane Capstick
Aspire Magazine May 2016

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