REWIND Technique

Simon Cookson

What is it

The REWIND Technique, also known as the 'Fast Trauma (PTSD) and Phobia Cure' is a non-intrusive, safe and highly effective psychological method for detraumatising people, which can also be used for removing phobias.

It is performed on a person when in a state of deep relaxation.

It allows a person to unlock negative emotions attached to an experience that has either already occurred or a potential future experience.

Simon has been trained in The REWIND Technique, fast trauma (PTSD) and phobia cure by The Human Givens College, find out more at:

How is it done

The therapy is conducted with your eyes closed, you are then guided to recall or imagine a relaxing place where you feel at ease and calm.

You are then taken through a technique of rewinding the experience in a dissociated state which allows the experience which caused the initial fear to become a normal memory.

Sessions & Fees

The cost is £100 for 2 x 1hr sessions. Should you require any further sessions then it would be £50 for 50mins.

Anywhere between 1 and 3 sessions is generally adequate for you to experience how this has affected your way of life.

Contact Simon on Tel: 07740 436371 or Email: to arrange your first session or if you have any questions.

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