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Biophysicists in the 1920's discovered that cells emit energy and this energy can be measured and recorded as a frequency.

Gentle, non-invasive, Bioresonance involves placement of electrodes on the skin or over clothing. Each client has their own individual plan which is discussed thoroughly after the initial consultancy.

Bicom Bioresonance machines are known within the industry to be the leading device. Part of currently a 17000 strong network, fully trained on all aspects of Bioresonance we share best practice and have access to white papers to bring you the best experience.

The principle of Bioresonance is that everything, be it our body, it's cells and organs, or viruses, pathogens, foods, pollens or chemicals has a frequency.

Working at a biophysical level the device measures whether the electromagnetic or oscillatory field sent from the device resonates with the oscillatory field of a substance for example allergen, toxin, test ampoule, nosode, medicine or parasite.

At the initial session, a small finger prick blood spot is taken, this then allows for the frequency pattern to be checked. Bioresonance therapy operates by picking up the frequency patterns in our bodies or substances with an input electrode. This is then fed via a cable into the Bicom Optima device. Once the relevant frequencies are identified the correct program is selected. The client then receives the corrected frequency via the output electrode.

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