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September 2015
Beauty: A Natural Facelift

Craven Clinic featured in 'What Lizzy Loves' fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog:

Time and gravity wait for no woman and over the years, facial contours soften and the silhouette becomes less defined, particularly around the jawline, something about which I’m only too aware.
So I was very interested and even more excited to try out Natural Facelift Massage, courtesy of Janet at Craven Clinic in Skipton as part of my role as writer at Aspire magazine.
Known as Facial Rejuvenation, it is an holistic treatment blending Japanese and Indian face massage techniques and it's available at salons and clinics throughout the country.
My treatment began with relaxation and energy balancing followed by acupressure on my face. Janet used a blend of essential oils including orange and bergamot which smelled divine. She massaged my face and neck with varying degrees of pressure to detect areas of tension and then began working her magic on just one side of my face to enable comparison.
When I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe the difference between the two sides. My jawline was tighter, nasolabial lines softer and under-eye congestion and puffiness significantly reduced. My cheekbones looked more defined and the whole side of my face appeared smoother and plumper. I was truly amazed.
Janet repeated the technique on the other side of my face and the treatment ended with lymphatic drainage, a scalp massage and an application of Neal’s Yard moisturiser.
The final result was incredible. I looked and felt at least five years younger, like I’d had a facelift, but a natural one. The results lasted several days so as a one-off treatment, this would be fantastic for a special occasion. The results are cumulative so a course of six weekly treatments followed by a monthly maintenance treatment is recommended.
I would love to have this treatment again

Article by Elizabeth Yeowart

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