Kathryn Needham





I trained for 4 years at the North West College of Homeopathy to become a qualified Homeopath; and I'm fully insured by the Society of Homeopaths.

As a person I've always been interested in people; and how we're all unique in our own way. Prior to being a homeopath; as a teacher and outdoor activity instructor/coach, I worked with a wide range of children and adults; from 7-8year olds upwards and have been fascinated by how tailoring support slightly differently for people can make each individual get the best out of our time together. I see homeopathy working in the same way.

The first consultation is more than a space for you to relate what you've primarily come about; but also a chance for us to explore you as a whole person. I'll be interested in other things that may be manifesting for you, as we (homeopaths) believe that all of your symptoms can be analysed collectively to give us a better picture of your whole self.

I will spend some time after the session looking into your case further and will then prescribe a homeopathic remedy which I'll send to you through the post.

A follow up consultation (usually around 6 weeks later) is time to take stock of how the remedy worked on your immune system and see what progress has been made before re-prescribing.

Initially, 3 sessions are recommended, as most clients will see some change within that time. Many see the benefits and continue beyond this.

I also offer Reiki, which is a relaxing way to rebalance your energies. From simply feeling off colour or out of sorts, to something more specific; both therapies are good to help you improve your equilibrium.


A first homeopathy consultation: 1hour 50 - £100

A follow up homeopathy consultation: 50 minutes - £60

Reiki: 20 minutes - £30

Reiki: 50 minutes - £50

I'm at Craven Clinic on Thursdays 1.30-5.30. Please contact Craven Clinic directly to book in.

Mount Pleasant
High Street
North Yorkshire
BD23 1JZ

01756 796690

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