Sharon Cole

L5 Dip. Clinical Reflexology


I am a qualified Clinical Reflexologist, having completed my training in 2016.

As a Reflexologist I believe that through the use of complementary therapies the body can heal and restore itself in a natural way.

Illness and pain are often caused by blockages within our body systems, by using massage and applying gentle pressure to specific areas, congestion's can be removed allowing energy to flow freely once again.

Reflexology can help with many everyday conditions such as anxiety and depression, stress, sinus problems, IBS, insomnia, menstrual problems and menopause.

Reflexology is a relaxing treatment and it offers:

  • Deep relaxation - gentle massage all over the feet encourages the body to relax.
  • Stress relief - calms the nervous system.
  • Improves circulation - any blockages within the body can be dispersed into the bloodstream.
  • Overall sense of well being - regular treatments keep the mind, body and soul balanced.

I have a background of working in Health and Social Care for the last 17 years and I believe that complementary therapies can work very well alongside traditional western medicines.

A Reflexology session (1hr in length) costs just £45 and you can either contact me direct on the details below or you can contact the Craven Clinic reception team.

Mount Pleasant
High Street
North Yorkshire
BD23 1JZ

01756 796690

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