Child Psychology

Michelle McLaughlin

A Child Psychologist is interested in how children think, feel and behave. They listen to children, young people and families' concerns and work alongside you to try to understand your family situation and find a helpful way forward.

This can involve working with parents and individual work with children.

A Psychologist will get to know your child by talking, listening and sometimes playing games.

A Psychologist does not prescribe medication but will work with you to help children and parents make positive changes.

Child Psychologists can help with a range of difficulties. They help children and young people who are so upset, angry, unhappy or worried that it affects their day to day lives, including their health, emotions, behaviour and relationships.

For example, children might experience high levels of anger, tantrums, low mood, anxiety or have problems with eating, sleeping, friendships, relationship difficulties or adapting to changes in family life.

Your Psychologist can also help with school difficulties and work with teachers and children to ensure your child can get the best from their education and achieve their true potential.

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