Acupressure massage

Angela Pegg

Acupressure massage is based on a traditional Japanese acupressure technique stimulating a number of acupressure points in the shoulders, neck, head, arms, spine and lower back.

Acupressure massage does not use needles. Instead the energy points which can be found all along the meridians, or energy lines of the body are stimulated with pressure from the therapist's hands and arms. A specific sequence of movement is undertaken which improves the flow of energy throughout the body and balance and strengthen the body's muscular, circulatory and nervous systems.

The client remains fully dressed during the treatment and sits facing forward in an extremely comfortable ergonomically designed massage chair. As the client relaxes and rests their chin and forehead on padded supports the massage is provided.

A seated acupressure massage can take as little as twenty minutes or as long as an hour and leaves the client feeling relaxed, refreshed and energised. Acupressure massage is excellent for relieving stress and tension and encouraging tight and knotted muscles to loosen up. It can helps with backache, repetitive strain injury, headaches and migraines, toothache, fatigue, anxiety, irritability and insomnia.

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